Who says that high-quality items must be expensive? The Internet is full of free stock photos that literally any person or organization can use on their blog or website. By using these images, you will improve the appearance of your website and ultimately get more visitors.

Our team has created a list of seven amazing websites where you can find free stock photos.

  1. Public Domain Archive

A website with a neat name that has some great free stock photos. The website is managed by a successful photographer and web designer. It all started when he realized that the platforms offering free stock photos are not managed and organized well. That’s why he has brought the Public Domain Archive to life. This website is focused on the needs of modern web designers. The website is updated regularly.

  1. Life of Pix

Are you interested in using a website that provides high-resolution images for free? Look no further because Life of Pix is the place to be. Feel free to download images and submit your own images. It’s worth mentioning that the team that runs this website has published another one called Life of Vid.

  1. Picography

Picography is very popular among photographers that want to showcase their work. So, this is a place where many young and talented photographers are working. They are submitting their images and any user of Picography can download these photos for free. Once again, the website is encouraging users to share their photos.

  1. Lock and Stock Photos

This website is founded and managed by Aj Montpetit. Every image you see here was created by this photographer. Most people use it to get temporary imagery, but you can also use it permanently. The website has a user-friendly interface which means that you won’t have problems using it.

  1. FoodiesFeed

The popularity of food niche is growing every year and this is the main reason why a team of enthusiasts has decided to start the FoodiesFeed website. If you need high-quality images related to food, you can’t go wrong with FoodiesFeed.

  1. Unsplash

Unsplash lets users download amazing free stock photos, but what’s even better is that this website has a great search function. You can set a few values and their search engine will provide accurate results right away.

Remember that there are many other great free stock photo websites out there.

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